Q: I have a DLP TV with what I think is a bad lamp. Can I replace the lamp myself?

A: Yes. In fact we recommend it, but if you don’t feel comfortable doing this please call. We carry a large selection of lamps in stock.  We will install a lamp in your housing at no additional charge. Call Today. (405) 307-TECH (8324)



Q: I am looking at the slide show of Factory Authorized service and I don't see my brand. Are these the only brand you work on?

A:   No. We service most major brands. For details please call. (405) 307-TECH (8324)

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Q: What if my panel is damaged? Is it worth repairing?

A: IF your  LED/LCD or Plasma TV has a damaged screen then no it is not cost effective to repair. In fact some manufactures do not supply replacement panels for in or out of warranty repairs. When a panel is available, the part, plus labor, along with the shipping almost always exceeds the replacement cost and we do not expect see any change in the future. When a panel is defective and in warranty it is the manufacture that makes the call to repair or exchange the unit. If you purchased your television on a credit card look to see if they provide any additional coverage much like an extended warranty program or insurance that may cover a repair or replacement after a written estimate is obtained.


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Q: My TV doesn't work where do I start?

A: First thing is always unplug the power to reset the TV. If that was unsuccessful then before calling, find and write down you brand, model and serial number which is usually found on the back or the side of the set. This information is essential in beginning the repair process. Followed by what the issue is and the placement of the TV such as, is it mounted to the wall, inside a cabinet or on the original stand? This is necessary because most repairs require the back of the TV to be removed.